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This is the first of my web pages with the professional or serious amateur photographer in mind.  I believe that from the free exchange of news, opinions and ideas our abilities grow and photography as an art grows. Anyone that has been in a print lab class with twenty other photographers knows this. Sometimes as businesspeople we tend to look at other photographers as the competition and not as a networking resource.  All artist know that art does not grow in a vacuum.  We need the respect of our fellow artists as much as the praises of our audience.  I am enriched by the professional organizations that I am a member of, and all of them are dedicated to the sharing of information among their members and recognizing individual achievement.  With this website I hope to extend this fellowship and associate with photographers world wide.






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There will be more features over time. If you have any questions, suggestions, critiques or topics you would like me to write about Email me. If you wish to contribute to the flow of knowledge, submissions are gladly accepted.

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