These are some of my favorite websites:

How about beautiful landscapes and Architecture with downloadable wallpaper by Vern Clevenger

The black and white works of Henery Gilpin

An excellent photography website and photos - KY's Photography Page

A beautifully done wedding photographer's website - Shoaff-Bembry Gallery

A photographer with a really large body of work - Yun Photo Gallery (English)

Another excellent photography website and nature photos - Grizzly Bear Nature Photography

A photographer who shares my interest in cemetery monument art - European Images

Writer, Photographer and so much more - Philip Greenspun

A graphic artist I like - Design one Ltd. But at this time the it is only a single page.

The photography e-zine - Photo Betty 

I don't understand the language but the images are excellent -

An architect whose work I really enjoy - Emilio Embasz 


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