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You seem to have taken a wrong turn. Probibily somewhere around Albuquerque...But you can get where you're going from here.

If you are making a trip to Bethshean  then you may be beyond help. Try clicking on the Hyperlink.

If you are looking for Owl & Dragon Photography go back the way came for about a mile, when you see the maple tree on the left, turn right, go about 5 miles, you cant miss it. there you will find;

Collectors Art Gallery      Architectural       Commercial

If you are looking for Images of Romance go left, down this alley to 12th St. Turn north on E. Southwestern Ave. go half a block and knock on the purple door. there you will find;

Engagements Weddings &Familys

If you are lost and in need of spiritual direction I would recomend prayer. It just may get you to the Church of the Night Hunter.

If you are looking for the Dragon Pages. you have a little farther to go. search the stone wall for the secret passage.

Before you leave please inform the webmaster that you have had trouble by writing it on this wall. Let us know where you came from and which page you were trying to get to.




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